We prevent disasters, and we clean up after them too.

Tree Removal

Our core service is removing trees. We thrive on removing hazardous trees that pose a threat to your family, structures and property.

Some hazardous trees are glaring problems but many hazardous trees go unseen by an untrained eye. If you have any questions about hazardous trees, check out our Risk Assessment services below, and call us anytime with your concerns and questions.

Risk Assessment

Leaning trees can be an obvious threat to your home and property. Asymmetrical canopies, root rot, widow maker limbs, bark beetles; these are just some of the unseen threats potentially lurking in your yard threatening your family and structures.

At Tree Commando we believe our Risk Assessment service is one of our most valuable, because it enables us to stop disasters before they happen. Call us to schedule your Risk Assessment.

Disaster Relief

At Tree Commando we can clean up any tree disaster that befalls your property or your home. We know that when nature strikes unexpectedly it is extremely stressful and we are here to help.

Of course our Commandos would prefer to help you prevent disasters from ever happening. Please call us about our Risk Assessment and Balancing & Pruning Services which can neutralize pending disasters and tragedies. We also travel out of state to assist in widespread disaster relief due to hurricanes and tornadoes.

Drop & Chop Suite of Services

Looking to cut costs? Our exclusive Drop & Chop offerings may be right for you. Our suite of services provide you with the opportunity to customize and design your service contract to meet the needs of your budget

• Drop & Walk: Tree Commando safely drops your trees and walks away, eliminating the full cost of clean-up and removal.

• Drop & Chop: Tree Commando safely drops your trees and chops up trunks and limbs making the removal of your trees more manageable for you while eliminating the full cost of removal and a portion of the clean-up.

• Drop, Chop & Stack: Tree Commando safely drops your trees, chops up the trunks and limbs, and leaves neat stacks of wood and limbs for you to handle at your leisure.

• Drop & Chip: Tree Commando safely drops your trees and sends them through their chipper leaving you with chips to beautify your landscape, gardens and playground areas.

Balancing & Pruning

Did you know that dead and unproductive limbs can weaken a tree's health and thwart its growth leaving it more susceptible to disease by depriving healthy limbs of valuable resources? Trees with imbalanced limbs can weaken the structural integrity of the tree and its root systems resulting in a potential hazard to your family, home and property. Call us for a quote or risk assessment; get ahead of a larger problem and a potential disaster.