About Us


At Tree Commando our care and attention to your tree concerns and the condition of your property is not just our job but it is our promise. It is a point of pride with each of our Commandos that we get each tree done right, safely, and leave without a trace.


Every tree is unique in its structure and comes with its own particular set of circumstances. We take into consideration every environmental factor, both internal and external, and devise the best strategy, using traditional and unconventional methods to get your tree down safely, with precision. We thrive on solving the most difficult tree problems.


Tree Commando was born out of necessity and grew out of passion. Our Commando in Chief’s love of outdoors, living hard, and high stakes problem solving came together seamlessly, turning a man with a chainsaw, a truck and a lot of grit into a tree service destined to change the industry with its unconventional approach and extraordinary ability.