Tree Commando

We are in the tree removal business. We are extraordinarily capable of safely dropping hazardous and nuisance trees with precision, in the most difficult of locations. Our goal is to prevent disasters, but we clean up after them too.

We offer our tree services in Halls Crossroads, TN, Knoxville and surrounding areas. If you need Knoxville tree removal, tree trimming, or stump removal / grinding, contact us today for an estimate!

Our Tree Services

Tree Commando is a veteran owned, full-service tree company on a mission to prevent disasters. We serve homeowners and businesses in Halls Crossroads, Tennessee and surrounding areas including other towns, communities, and cities in Knox County, Tennessee.

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Tree Removal

We thrive on removing hazardous tree that pose a threat to your family, structures and your overall property. Our mission is to prevent tree disasters and mitigate risk putting an emphasis on safety first.

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Tree Trimming

Dead and unproductive limbs can weaken a tree's health and thwart it's growth leaving it more susceptible to disease. Asymmetrical canopies become problematic with volatile weather and weak root systems.

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Stump Grinding

Have a stump that needs grinding? We can come out with our professional grade stump grinder and make it disappear.

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Risk Assessment

Leaning trees can be an obvious threat to your home and property, but many hazards go unnoticed by an untrained eye. Tree Commando can assess the danger of trees on your property and prevent disasters from happening.

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Tree Disaster Relief

At Tree Commando, we know that when nature strikes unexpectedly it is extremely stressful and we are here to help.

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Drop & Chop

Looking to cut costs? Our exclusive Drop & Chop service offering provides you with the opportunity to customize and design your service contract to meet the needs of your budget.

Work With Us

Tree Commando is a full-service tree removal company headquartered in Knox County, Tennessee.  Our mission is to prevent tree disasters and mitigate risk putting an emphasis on safety first.  Our Commandos employ traditional and unconventional methods to ensure that each tree is handled right, the site is left impeccable, and our customers’ expectations are exceeded.

Give us a call and let us solve your tree problems. 865.226.9722.